Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to Earn More Subscribers on Youtube

You want more subscribers? Well I hope I can try and help you out. There are plenty of little tricks you can do in order to get many subscribers. You don’t have to have the best videos in the world. I would say that my videos are ok and I have over 15,000 subscribers. There are millions and millions of videos on youtube so what is going to make people subscribe to you?
Start off by putting annotations in your videos that suggest subscribing to your channel. Don’t force it though. On the annotation say something like “if you like this video, sub for more”. Other ways to get people to subscribe is to put annotation links that lead to your main channel. Your main channel obviously will have all of your videos so this will allow the viewer to see all your videos without leaving and going to somebody elses videos. If they like them then they may subscribe.
Many people ask me about sub 4 sub. (sub 4 sub is when you subscribe to someone only if they agree to subscribe to you back) The problem with sub 4 sub is that the people are subscribing to your channel without any intent of actually watching your videos so there really isn’t much of a point of it. I think it does shave some value to a degree. If you have 0 subscribers right now then doing sub 4 sub might not be a terrible idea because then your channel might look a little more legit if it has some subscribers and then that would lead to more subscribing by other users.
Box 4 Box is something that many rookie youtubers probably don’t know anything about. Youtube allows you to put up to 16 different channels on your main page. You can do this by going to the top of your channel and clicking on modules and then check off “other channels”. Then you can scroll down and see where you can enter the name of other youtube channels so they can be displayed on your channel. What you can do is message other users and tell them that you will put them in your box if they put you in yours. This will help you gain subscribers because anytime somebody subscribes to their channel on their channel; they will also be given the option to subscribe to you as well.
I think the best way to gain subscribers is to just be interactive in the youtube community. Encourage people to leave comments on your channel and videos and respond to those comments. People will think its cool that the creator of the video actually took the time to respond to them so they might subscribe. Also, always accept friend invites and don’t be afraid to send out friend invites yourself. Friends can eventually turn into subscribers.
I really hope I helped you out a bit and would love to answer any of your questions that you may have so feel free to leave comments below and I will try and respond. Thanks for taking the time for reading what I had to say and good luck to you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to become a youtube partner

Hello everyone let me start off by saying that I am a YouTube partner. However, due to the terms of contract with YouTube, I can’t tell you who I am (but maybe you will have a solid guess by the end of this article). Anyway, I am writing this to inform you on how to become a YouTube partner even if your videos have a very small number of views at this point in time. If you are like most of the YouTube community that is trying to make it big then you probably don’t have many views yet. Every famous YouTuber was once in the same situation. Just a few years ago Fred was in a similar position that you are in.
Each day I receive hundreds of messages asking me how I became a YouTube partner and how did I first start getting views. Let me say that I had multiple ways of getting views at first. You can’t just put videos on YouTube and expect that people will watch them when you don’t have any views. My advice to you right now would be to go freds page and trade subscriptions with people there. This is how I first started and this is how I first got views. When you do this make sure you have your featured video on auto play so every time someone comes to your channel you are getting 2 views (one channel view and one video view). Another idea that I don’t necessarily recommend (but it works) is to put a very hot girl as your profile picture. This alone will dramatically increase the number o f people that come to your channel. Just make sure it is appropriate so Youtube doesn’t remove it.
Youtube channels also have a place on channels for people to list other channels that they like. These are called boxes. So, you should do box for box. This is where you put other peoples channels in your box if they put you in theres.
Also consider posting your videos and facebook and other social networking sites. Also, try finding message boards that talk about topics that are related to your video. On these message boards, post a link to your video for people to watch.
In my opinion, anybody can be a YouTube partner and receive money from YouTube. It doesn’t matter if your videos are not that great because there are still many ways to obtain views to help your video achieve popularity and ultimately lead to you becoming a partner. I have used all of the techniques I have listed above to receive views and still use them to this day so feel free to leave a comment below and I will message you back. Also feel free to post a link of your channel below so I can check it out and so everybody that reads this can check it out.
One final thing, if you post a link of this blog on your channel then I will put you in the box of one of my channels.